Adilei Album
Release Date
20 December, 2016
Sound Engineer
Ilia Jgharakva
Davit Jamrishvili
Publishing Editor
Nino Kalandadze-Makharadze
English Translation
Marina Kaganova


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From the very first listen it is obvious that the young men of Ensemble Adilei have been gifted with real talent. Yet it is not only their vocal mastery and impeccable taste that shines through when they sing, but the feelings of joy and friendship.
Created just a few years ago, this ensemble has developed so fast that it now stands out as one of the new generation’s most striking groups, with their own signature style. The amazing energy and warmth they bring with them is infectious, and unfailingly puts their listeners in a good mood.

One of the main features of Adilei’s performances is improvisation, and the courage it takes to attempt it. Improvisation is an essential element in traditional Georgian folk music – in the past it is through their skill as improvisers that the great folks singers distinguished themselves. Adilei awakens and breathes new life into this practice. The ensemble has a special affinity for Gurian folk songs, in which the art of improvisation is of utmost importance. These young men’s bold and successful efforts in this sphere deserve special recognition.

The study and preservation of their ancestors’ musical heritage is a great pleasure as well as a form of spiritual sustenance for the members of Adilei. They demonstrate a selfless commitment and a sincere desire to share the happiness and enjoyment of coming together in song with all those receptive to it. As a result of Adilei’s refined musical skill and welcoming manner, the number of their friends and admirers both at home and abroad continues to grow.

This collection is Adilei’s first album of folk songs. It is, without a doubt, a precious gift for all those who love this music.
David Shugliashvili, Phd (Musicology)