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13 April, 2019

Self Study Materials – Part 2

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  • Maspindzelsa Mhkiarulsa
  • Maspindzelsa Mkhiarulsa - Top Voice
  • Maspindzelsa Mkhiarulsa - Middle Voice
  • Maspindzelsa Mkhiarulsa - Bass

This is a second set of practice recordings.

We have included songs of varying levels of difficulty, from different
regions of Western Georgia. These songs are very dear to us, and we are excited to share them with others!

In addition to this, this set features great singers from Svaneti and our friends – Ana and Madona Chamgelianis.

The full contents of the packet are as follows:
• Part recordings for ten traditional Georgian polyphonic folk songs. All of the songs in this set have 3-part harmonies, so you will find four sound files for each song (I, II, III voices separately, plus one track with all the voices)
• Lyrics*: in the original Georgian, transliterated Georgian, and an English line-by-line translation.
*Note: some of the songs have no “text”, so to speak. That is, the lyrics no longer have semantic meaning, and are instead made up of vocables (“nonsense” syllables), which are often different in each voice part.

We hope that these practice recordings will help all those who want to study traditional Georgian music, and make the learning process easier.